Atypical Sports & Learning Foundation, Inc.

Khirey Floyd

A four year NCAA student athlete with a Political Science and Communications degree from Concordia University Chicago, Khirey helped co-found Atypical Spots & Learning Foundation, Inc.  with the desire to help inner-city children ultimately achieve the educational standards that they innately desire. Khirey always states that "knowledge is power and with education you are able to achieve your dreams."  Khirey brings "Atypical" someone who fits the mold, being carved out of a similar niche of the very company he strives to put at the top.


Khirey is the quintessential prototypical product of what "Atypical" stands for.  Khirey was a student-athlete who excelled in the classroom and the basketball court. Combining both aspects to daily life helped instill discipline and a determination to succeed in life.  Floyd was an honors student throughout his tenure at Concordia University Chicago and played sports for all four years in college.  Bringing new sport awareness to youth through Atypical  sports was something that he was all for. Floyd strives to be the best person he can be.  Floyd is from inner-city Chicago  and has seen many of his friends who decided to play sports go further in school versus those who did not.  He believes had this organization been around during his youth and high school years, he would have volunteered and helped out in any way possible. Khirey is excited to get to work in his community.


Jelani Floyd

A University of California, Davis Managerial Economics graduate in 2011 and European professional basketball player, Jelani Floyd co- founded the “Atypical Sports and Learning Foundation, Inc. in April of 2013 with his brother Khirey Floyd.  Jelani is an inner-city Chicago native and former NCAA Division One Men’s Basketball player at Brown University, UC Davis and Florida Atlantic University as a graduate student. Jelani knows the value of sport. Through athletics, Floyd was able to attain his bachelor degree with high academic honors on a full basketball scholarship.


Atypical Sports and Learning Foundation, Inc. understands every child grows up wanting to play either basketball, football, volleyball or cheer in college, but there are so many more sports that can also help them attend college, and if exposed at an early age, and provided with positive young adult mentors, their chances of graduating and attending college will increase. Kids who participate in high school sports all four years are more likely to graduate than their counterparts within inner-city Chicago. Floyd, who was also an honors student throughout college also plans to implement a educational aspect to the foundation as well, as he embodies the definition of a true “student-athlete.” Floyd also plans to provide math and science lessons to the youth, as well as expose the youth to complex field of engineering with the help of college friends . Along with the help of Floyd’s Brother, Khirey Floyd, a former NCAA basketball player as well,  they hope to reach many youth across the Chicago land area.