Atypical Sports & Learning Foundation, Inc.

The Atypical Sports & Learning Foundation, Inc. was founded through the joint efforts of Jelani Floyd, and Khirey Floyd in order to expose Chicago's inner-city youth to sports that may not be typically offered in the areas they live in. In addition, the Atypical Sports & Learning Foundation, Inc. aims to use these sports as a means of instilling values and empowering youth through increased sport awareness and increased  academic achievement. 


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Jelani Floyd


Khirey Floyd

UPcoming Clinics

We plan to offer numerous free sports clinic during the summer of 2015. 


We are grateful for any help we can receive, physically or financially.  We   are  also  committed to growing  our staff as well.


Exposing inner-city youth to "Atypical" Sports as a vehicle to increase academic achievement and graduation rates through sports.

Our founders