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Jelani Floyd




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    Jelani Floyd


    Former NCAA Basketball player and European Professional Athlete, currently in law school



    Khirey Floyd


    Former NCAA basketball player adamant about encouraging youth

    Faith in OUR YOUTH!

    Providing an opportunity to at-risk youth in Chicago through increased sport awareness, which ultimately leads to increased academic achievement.


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      The Atypical Sports & Learning Foundation, Inc. 


      The Atypical Sports & Learning Foundation Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2013.  We are committed to exposing inner-city youth to "Atypical" sports as a vehicle to decrease violence, increase academic achievement and graduation rates through atypical sport participation.

      With numerous Chicago Public Schools closing this fall, our youth need a broader range of athletic outlets. We need funding for rentals and sports equipment.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime for YOU to donate and spread the word about us. Children involved with sports show increased academic achievement. Donate Now!

      To expose “at-risk” and inner-city youth to “Atypical” sports such as Soccer, Tennis, Fencing, Golf, Lacrosse, Rugby, Swimming and (field) hockey as a means to increase awareness, leading to increased participation, which ultimately increases their chances of graduating high school and attending college.   

      Through gracious donations, grants, donations of old sports equipment, and sponsorships of programs, we will offer FREE sports clinics and reading seminars to under served youth in Inner-City neighborhoods. With your help and donations, this can be a very successful organization and change lives of our precious youth. Our results are measurable and our goals of impacting the youth will be reached!

      Our Mission

      HOw will this work ?

      Why  Donate ? 

      Making a Difference in OUR YOUTH through increased Sport awareness 

      It's been proven through numerous studies, youth  that participate in sports throughout middle and high school are more likely to graduate and attend college. When teammates and coaches hold kids accountable, their grades are higher and stay away from trouble opposed to kids who have no positive group to belong to. Often, when a child doesn't make the quintessential high school sports team, they lose interest in school, as they turn to violence, drugs and gangs. We plan to prevent this by broadening their sport awareness. Inner-city Chicago youth need to be exposed to a wide-array of sports at young ages to combat drop-out,sub-par academic achievement, drug-use, teen pregnancy and crime rates.

      atypical sports & Learning Foundation, Inc

      We are a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization established in 2013

      Using Sport as a Vehicle to Empower youth!


      Atypical Sports & Learning Foundation, Inc.